Bruce Crosby played guitar and fiddle. Randy Reynolds played guitar. Both Bruce and Randy sang and had excellent vocal harmony. Steve Zimmelman played Guitar and Blues Harp.

In 1977 three guitar playing fanatics found each other. In 1980 they had a falling-out and haven't spoken since.

Well, it might be time to put things back together. So if you know the where-abouts of Randy Reynolds or Bruce Crosby drop me an email.

The last time I saw either Bruce or Randy was in 1980 in Petaluma California.

Unfortunately I believe that Bruce may have passed-away in August of 1987.

So, Randy if you're out there, email or call me!  I'm living on the East Coast now.
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Do you remember the name of the first song we wrote together?

Your Friend Always,

Steve Zimmelman (the "S" in BSR)

Bruce Crosby  - 1977 Randy & Pat Reynolds, Bruce Crosby - 1980